​Bret Hart Discusses The Backstage Atmosphere After Enzo Amore’s Injury At WWE Payback


During the latest edition of his The Sharpshooter Show podcast, Bret Hart recently discussed the backstage atmosphere at WWE Payback following Enzo Amore’s injury. Hart said,

It was pretty serious. There was almost like a gut churning, black cloud over everybody’s demeanor. Flair looked like somebody shot him in the chest. He was horrified. He said to me, “He broke his neck.” They took him to the hospital. He seemed very upset and a lot of the other wrestlers were upset. Luckily within a few minutes everyone was like, “Nah, it’s ok. He’s hurt. He’s got concussion symptoms but he didn’t break his neck.” There was a lot of relief. I saw a replay of it. Even when I saw the replay. I didn’t see the full replay, just the tail end of it, with him falling in to the ropes and then falling out of the ring. I am not sure whose fault it was or what happened but I will say that those ropes are so tight. The wrestling ropes. They are almost like iron bars that go across the ring. I don’t even know if they are real ropes anymore. They are so stiff. You could literally walk from one corner to the other on top of them if you could do a tightrope walk. They are so taut. Just hitting those with your head or face can be pretty… I think Jericho hit the same ropes with his nose, if you noticed. His nose was bleeding. I’m not sure if it was the guy who threw him in the ropes or he was trying to fall through the ropes.

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