Brett Lauderdale Announces GCW Is Working On A Subscription Service


GCW owner Brett Lauderdale was recently a guest on the PWPonderings podcast and revealed that the promotion is working on a subscription service. He said,

“I wasn’t insulted or anything by the article. As companies like ours grow and grow at the rate that we’re growing, there are challenges that come along with it and there are sacrifices that have to be made and obstacles that have to be overcome. It starts with the die-hards, the people who do love the company and want to watch and attend as many as possible.


It requires a bigger and bigger commitment with the more that we do. I’m aware that it’s challenging and it can be expensive for some people. Not everybody has the luxury to watch every show and pay for every show. For people that love GCW and want to see every show, it can be challenging and I’m aware of that. It’s something we’ve been working on and trying to address for some time now.

Only recently, we had some obstacles be cleared, which will now give us the flexibility to do what we want to do. People have said explicitly that they would like to see a subscription network, a GCW network of sorts, that’s obviously something we’re working on. There are a lot of variables and things that go into it, a lot of potential ways to do it and right now, I just had a conference call on Tuesday with some major players to discuss potential opportunities and ways to do this and options.

It’s just a matter of figuring out what is best for GCW, best for the fans, and being able to do it in a way that benefits GCW first and foremost. Something is going to happen eventually. Hang in there, for the people who are having to make those tough decisions. We’re trying to make it accessible for everybody. In the meantime, we’re going to keep offering as many bundles as we can on FITE to try and keep the cost down for those who do want to watch everything.”


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(h/t – Fightful)

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