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NewsBrian Kendrick Reveals The Reason Why Vince McMahon Nixed “The Hooliganz” Name

Brian Kendrick Reveals The Reason Why Vince McMahon Nixed “The Hooliganz” Name



In 2005, Brian Kendrick returned to WWE and joined forces with Paul London to capture the World Tag Team Title and WWE Tag Team Titles, the latter of which became the longest tag team title reign until WrestleMania 20. Despite holding the tag team titles for almost a year, Kendrick and London never had an official tag team name.

During a recent Captain’s Corner virtual signing, Kendrick revealed that there were plans for them to be called the “Hooliganz,” but Vince McMahon ultimately shot down that idea. Kendrick noted that Mr. McMahon had told them the following:

“‘Inevitably when the tag team splits, if you guys are just The Hooliganz, we won’t be able to tell which one is which.’”

Kendrick stated that McMahon was right because he and London had an almost indistinguishable physical appearance. He said,

“It’s easy enough though in the sense that we were roughly the same size, moved roughly the same speeds, stuff like that. He [London] did amazing stuff I never did … You’d be able to tell us apart but in the same way a boy band looks the same, these two dudes look the same.”

London was released from his WWE contract in 2008 while Kendrick was shown the door the following year.

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