Brian Pillman Jr Praises AEW For Helping Wrestlers Succeed


Brian Pillman Jr spoke in an interview with Fightful about AEW allowing talent to be creative and helping them succeed. Here are the highlights: 

Julia Hart joining Varsity Blonds: 


“Yeah, she just fell into our pockets. It’s like someone dropped a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Just landed right in the locker room. We order these jackets. It takes months to make a real custom leather varsity, high school jacket. So, I ordered them several months ago. The guy’s like, ‘Oh, we got the fabric and everything’s coming in. They’re gonna be ready this week,’ when we’re in Florida taping. Like, that taping she showed up for extra work. It might have been her second week.”

Pitching the idea to AEW: 

“I went over and was like, ‘Well, shit. She’s already wearing blue. She’s already blonde. She’s actually former two time national champion cheerleader,’ and I went up to Cody and was like, ‘Look, we get we just got these new jackets, alright? We’re not asking for pyro or anything crazy. But, can we get this girl to do a couple round-offs coming back in, just for our entrance. We don’t have to have her in the match. Just for the entrance.’ Then, ‘Okay, that sounds like a great idea.’ Next thing you know, we got people helping us choreograph an entrance. We got people agenting our match, helping us incorporate her into the team. All of a sudden this collaborative effort—which is what’s so great about AEW—is that when people see something, they see a spark, they don’t want to go put out for fear of other people succeeding. They want to ignite that fire. They want to add something to the ember, to the flame. That’s what happened. Our agents and our coaches got together, helped us put this together. ‘Cause all I had was a little idea. I didn’t know how it was going to look in the end. But, that’s what our veterans are here to do, to help us put it all together.”

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