Bruce Prichard Reveals Why D-Von Dudley’s Reverend Character Failed


Bruce Prichard recently took to his “Something To Wrestle With” podcast to discuss a variety of topics, including D-Von Dudley’s reverend character.

The WWE executive opined on the Dudley Boyz’ split in WWE, why the Reverend D-Von character never really took off, and more.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the Dudleys’ split: “[I] loved it [the Reverend D-Von character]. Loved it. This came from Pulp Fiction and D-Von doing the Samuel L. Jackson speech and things like that. Say what you will; it’s like, ‘Oh yeah, you split up the Dudleyz for no reason.’ No, there was a reason. I think we’d seen all that we were going to see at that time … It was an opportunity, and I think also as time went on, that splitting them was a good thing when you look at the success of Bully Ray as a single and so on and so forth.”

On the Reverend D-Von character: “Man, I thought that Reverend D-Von and I thought that D-Von had every f*****g chance in the world, man. The Reverend thing — I just think D-Von had too many voices coming at him with different ways to do it. I really tried, and I know D-Von really tried. I think D-Von really, really got it, and I think that this could have been a breakout thing for D-Von, but it just didn’t happen.”

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