Charlotte Flair Says She Always Wants To Play The Heel Role, & More


During a recent interview with the Bleacher Report, Charlotte Flair commented on working as a heel, WWE not needing another all-women’s event, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On working as a heel: “I always want to be a heel. When I came back after WrestleMania, there was no questioning what I am. There’s no questioning what side [I’m on]. All that frustration, all that confusion, and laying it all out there. I really feel that has [been] portrayed throughout my promos. You can only do so much in the ring, and having that ability to have the mic has really helped with somewhat of a character wrinkle for me since April.”

On the negative reaction from fans and the WWE women’s division: “I think another reason I’m excited to have the fans back is because, like you said, it’s so easy to be negative and social media is so negative. When you hear the audience and a live crowd, you can’t deny the positivity, the excitement, the cheers, the boos. What we’re doing right right now is adding new characters to the division: Rhea’s on Raw, Bianca’s on SmackDown. They’re both champions and let’s see them take the ball and run with it and see how far they can go. You either sink or you swim. So many women across the board [were on Raw]. I mean, what are we doing wrong? Everyone was featured and that’s what we’re doing right. You’re not going to like every story. You may not like me, but that’s the point.”

On another all woman PPV like Evolution: “I think [another Evolution is] more of a when [than an if], but I get asked this question a lot. Would an all-women’s show be great? Yes. Would another all-women’s pay-per-view be great? Yes. But I’m in the mindset that I want to be on the card with men. I want to be on the card where there’s eight matches and I want to be the best of the night no matter the gender. I don’t need an all-women’s show or an all-women’s pay-per-view to highlight my performance or skill or being a lady wrestler. No. I want to prove, no matter man or woman, I am the best. I think it’s great, but I don’t need an all-women’s show to show I’m a great wrestler.”

On Triple H’s claim that WWE had the best women’s division: “Any promotion, any female star, anyone should say they are the best. You should not be in this business unless you’re saying you’re the best. Wherever you are in the world you should say you’re the best.”

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