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Chris Hero Comments On His Run With WWE, If He Was Frustrated, & More


During the latest edition of his “Can Chris Hero Save Wrestling?” podcast on Ad Free Shows, Chris Hero commented on his run in WWE, being frustrated, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On if he was frustrated with not being used on TV: “I was appreciative to have the schedule that I did. I got to the point where I only had to come to the Performance Center if I wanted to. There were some days where I was like, I’m not going in today. Then other days where I’d come in and roll in the ring for a couple of hours or sit in on [Steve] Corino’s history classes or they’d have a PC Live, which is a live event for young wrestlers at the Performance Center. I had a really easy schedule. I liked doing the UK trips and travel shows. I was able to pitch ideas [for Florida shows]. My last show at Coconut was myself and Ridge Holland against Shane Thorne and Cal Bloom.”

On pitching a storyline with Holland: “Ridge Holland, he’s a guy I like a whole lot. He looks like a million bucks, has a great work ethic, and a great love for wrestling. I spent a good amount of time with, training and such, and I pitched for him to be my bodyguard before they were using him on NXT. They had other plans for him. I pitched to team with him on the Florida shows and give us 20 minutes. I wanted longer matches on the Coconut shows. I enjoyed being able to make suggestions.”

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