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Chris Jericho Explains Why He Believes AEW Is The “Top Promotion” In The World



AEW Star Chris Jericho was interviewed by as he explained why he strongly feels that AEW is the “top promotion” in the world today, among other topics that were also discussed below:

Jericho on why he thinks AEW is the top promotion: “Well, in my opinion, what is the top wrestling promotion? To me, I think we already are, as far as in-ring product and entertaining shows, storylines, characters, et cetera. If you’re looking at like will AEW overtake WWE as the wrestling brand in North America? I don’t know. But that’s not something that we ever really think about or worry about. All we’re worried about is continuing to grow our fan base, which we are, grow and continue to improve and create amazing stories, which we do.”

Jericho on AEW’s success in the ratings and future TV deals: “We really are killing it in the demos, which equals higher television contracts when this current one expires in a few years. So ask me in a couple [of] years, if we’re going to be the most dominant promotion. I know we’ll be making a hell of a lot more money than we are right now, which will enable us to continue to put on the best wrestling product in the world today, which is what we’re already doing.”

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