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Chris Jericho Names ‘Jeri-Show’ As His Own Favorite Tag Team



Chris Jericho has teamed with several wrestlers over the years, but none have made quite an impression like Paul Wight.

Jericho and Wight (then The Big Show,) teamed from 2009 to 2010 and would enjoy a lengthy stint as the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions.

During a recent edition of the “Superstar Crossover” podcast, Jericho was asked about his favorite tag team and didn’t hesitate to name ‘Jeri-Show.’ He said,

“Yeah, Big Show is my favorite tag team. Yeah, he was the best … Jeri-Show. Which we never actually called ourselves. The announcers called us that, I wouldn’t allow them to call us that because the Big Show wanted to make t-shirts, and I was like, ‘We’re not making t-shirts, we’re not having any merch.’ He’s like, ‘What do you mean we are not having merch? ‘I didn’t think heels should have merch and I was like, ‘We’ll make our money main-eventing pay-per-views against the babyface that sells merch.’ He always wanted to make Jeri-Show shirts, so maybe someday we’ll have to do that.”

Jericho went on to say that Wight was struggling at the time and recalled pitching the idea for The Big Show to replace the injured Edge. He said,

“Great chemistry. At the time he was kind of floundering, and I said we’re gonna make this guy, told Vince [McMahon] we’re gonna make him like a giant destroyer. Just kills everybody, and get rid of that Andre the Giant singlet, put him in a real singlet or whatever it was, and kind of reinvented him and we had a great run there. It was a blast.”

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