Cody Rhodes Was Told To Hide His Torn Pec At WWE Hell In A Cell


Only a handful of people knew about Cody Rhodes’ injury until he revealed it inside Hell in a Cell.

Cody Rhodes somehow was able to compete inside Hell in a Cell against Seth Rollins last month. Despite suffering a torn right pectoral tendon, Rhodes pulled out the win and received praise from both fans and wrestlers afterward.


During an interview with, Rhodes revealed that only a handful of people knew about his injury backstage. The American Nightmare said he was told to wait to reveal his injury until he made it to the ring.

“No one saw it, other than, I think Vince (McMahon) saw it,” Cody said. “I was going to take my robe off for cameras, and the voice of God, whoever is head of production in that moment, I remember them saying, ‘Don’t.’ Stu, the camera operator, told me we were going to save it for the show. Very few people had actually seen it and how bad it was.”

“Through the day, it was getting worse because there was so much blood, so much blood under my skin. I’m almost anemic, so if you chop me or squeeze me, you can see it instantly. Just the perfect person to have their body ripped in half for that moment.”

Although Rhodes wrestled the entire match, he still required surgery afterward. It was reported that he needed nine months to recover, which would take him out of action for the rest of 2022.

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