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Colt Cabana – ‘I Won’t Be At WWE Survivor Series In Chicago’



This year’s WWE Survivor Series should be an exciting night of entertainment in Chicago, Illinois, but Colt Cabana won’t be at the event.

Cabana appeared on the “Bakers Bantering” podcast this week and was asked if he would be at the November 2023 pay-per-view event. He said,

“He asks the hard questions, and that’s why he’s the number one podcaster in St. Louis, I respect it. Derek, [the show’s co-host] yes, WWE is coming to Chicago for Survivor Series, but for the past four years, AEW has also been in Chicago the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I’m hoping that AEW continues that tradition,

“I assume we will, I will not be appearing at Survivor Series, but I will be at AEW in Chicago because I am contracted and that is my boss and they pay me money to show up.”

Some have speculated that Survivor Series 2023 will mark the WWE return of CM Punk, who said last weekend that he is free for the next two months.

That timeline means that Punk appears to have something coming up this November, which would fit nicely with WWE’s pay-per-view event in his hometown on November 25.

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