Kevin Sullivan Says Cody Rhodes Must Never Become WWE Champion, Green/Deville


Cody Rhodes failed to dethrone Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania 39 (Night Two).

On a recent edition of his “Tuesday with the Taskmaster” podcast, Kevin Sullivan explained why it’s a “great idea” for Rhodes to never win the WWE Championship, just like his late father Dusty Rhodes. Sullivan said,


That’s a great idea. Because his father never got the WWF belt. They always show that picture where he has the belt. That’s something to think about, and I was against Cody beating Roman Reigns. I was very vocal about that because — I think I told you, Paul, a few weeks ago — that was right after Sami didn’t beat Roman. I thought Sami’s people would’ve turned on Cody because he’d just come in, he didn’t get over. He was Cody Rhodes and he got over, and it’s because he had been there for years, left, made a huge name for himself, came back. I thought if he had won here, it would almost look like he was a corporate champion. I like that he didn’t go over and it’s going to be interesting to see where they go with WrestleMania 40 with Cody if The Rock comes in for Roman.”

On a recent edition of the “Bleav in Pro Wrestling” podcast, Chelsea Green discussed Sonya Deville’s recent injury and how she is “counting the months” until her return.

Green and Deville held the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships prior to Sonya’s injury. Piper Niven claimed Deville’s title after the latter was written off TV. Green said,

“We have such a history together, coming up through ‘Tough Enough’, and I’ve supported her along the way. I’ve been watching her do all these amazing things, but not be able to actually grasp a championship. So for her to finally win her first championship in eight years, for me to come back and after all these years of putting in work on the independent scene and in other companies, I was able to do this, to win this alongside her, it was such a full-circle moment, and then for that to happen, it’s like, ‘God, why?’ But on the same hand, whatever is meant to be will be, and I am counting down the months until Sonya can come back and show the world how strong she is. We have seen her be strong in so many different areas of wrestling and outside of wrestling. We’ve seen her go through a lot. We’ve never seen her face an injury and come back. I really think she’s gonna come back even better. Don’t tell Piper I said any of this because Piper and I, we like to pretend that that side of me doesn’t exist.”

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