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NewsConflicting Reports On Alberto Del Rio's Injury, Sheffield

Conflicting Reports On Alberto Del Rio’s Injury, Sheffield

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Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

— Skip Sheffield has been removed from the roster page on Sheffield has also deleted the cryptic tweets that he posted over the weekend. Oooops!

— There are conflicting reports on Alberto Del Rio’s injury from RAW. One source says Del Rio suffered what was believed to be a groin injury. Another source reports the injury is an arm/shoulder injury. Nonetheless, Del Rio is sore but word is that he will be OK, but still is undergoing further evaluation before an official decision is made. Del Rio landed hard towards the end of the match when he was flipped over the top rope. He started to favor his arm at this point. After he took a missile dropkick from Daniel Bryan, Del Rio slid to the corner, again favoring his shoulder. Del Rio could be seen talking to the ref towards the end of the match, and after it ended, he checked on Del Rio before calling the trainers from the back.

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