Crowbar Shares Memories Of Daffney Unger, Russo/Cornette & More


We bring you an interview with former WCW, WWF & TNA wrestler Crowbar, courtesy of Chris Deez and his It’s My Wrestling Podcast. He shares memories of Daffney, and talks about Vince Russo & Jim Cornette, early ECW days, the WWF and more.

Crowbar’s memories of Daffney, time together in WCW, speaking to her shortly before her death:

“I was told I was going to be teamed up with David flair and Daffney, and that I had to show up in Salisbury, Maryland, where we shot that gas station scene. I had never met either one of them and the second they put us together we all just clicked. We were all young kids, feeling very excited and blessed to be given this great opportunity with a major company and all our time there was just a lot of fun.

There really was no worry about the politics of what was going on. People have asked me in the past, ‘what did you guys think about this situation when you were at WCW, what did you think of that situation, what did you think when power changed hands?’ We didn’t even register that shit. We were just were happy to get to the building, find out what we’re doing, and we just had a great time playing those characters and those characters weren’t too far off from ourselves. I watched some of the Crowbar stuff where I’m putting the faces on and that is Chris Ford having goofy fun, not being able to believe that he’s wrestling for World Championship¬†Wrestling I think Shannon’s (Daffney’s) character, I believe she was super excited to be there, she was grateful for her opportunity. She was a type of person that would walk into a locker room or wherever and would instantly, just, joy would come in.

She would just light up a room. A very happy, positive person and we stayed close all these years. She had an acting background, and I actually bounced a lot of my new ideas off her, she was always a great sounding board. The last time we spoke was probably a week and a half before the incident. I had gotten a call to do an autograph signing in October in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and they wanted Shannon. I called up and go hey it’ll be so much fun let’s get together and do this, we haven’t done this for years, it’d be a whole lot of fun yada yada. And she just started a new job as a home health aide she goes ‘I can’t, I got this new job, I really like my job, I work with older people and it’s very rewarding. I’m moving somewhere new. I’m excited’.

She seemed super positive. It sounds clich√©, but nobody saw this coming, at least I didn’t, so I mean it’s a wake up call. Maybe if you know somebody like friends or family and if they’ve had issues or if they struggled with depression I think that maybe it’s a wake up call. If they seem great if they seem happy and jovial just maybe ask and say – hey, I know you sound great, but just too check, are you okay right now?”

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