DDP Says He Told Kevin Nash That Triple H Should Be Brought Into The Kliq


WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page joined Fightful.com’s “The List and Ya Boy” podcast recently and discussed a wide variety of topics. During the conversation, Page mentioned that he referred Triple H to Kevin Nash so-to-speak, about joining The Kliq.

Here’s a brief excerpt from that particular portion of the podcast:

DDP“Paul and I broke into the WCW Power Plant together. I was 35, he was 22 and we were really close. Terry Taylor worked with us all the time, then he left for New York and I had called up Kevin Nash who had been driving with Hall, with Kid, with Shawn Michaels and I said: ‘He’s a great kid, might want to take him under your wing. He doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs, he’d be great to have in your crew.”

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