Details On Miro’s AEW Contract, Will Miro Work For NJPW?


AEW star Miro (formerly Rusev) is going to be with the company for the long haul and doesn’t seem to be a one shot deal. According to Fightful Select, the deal has been in the works for quite a while, and is a long-term contract with the possibility of it being even longer. The following is a statement directly released by Fightful that gives further insight on Miro’s contract status with AEW:

“AEW sources have confirmed that Miro, the former Rusev, does have a contract with the company. Fightful has learned that talks have been ongoing for quite a while, and we were told that the deal was “long term pending an option on the deal.” The contract does allow for Miro to work New Japan Pro Wrestling and some independent dates, but prohibits other American televised dates, so New Japan USA would be off the table.”

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