​Did Jesse Sorensen Consider Suing TNA?, Details


On a recent appearance on the Chinlock Radio podcast, former TNA
wrestler Jesse Sorensen said he had a meeting with lawyers on a possible lawsuit
against TNA over the neck injury he sustained during the Against All Odds PPV in

During a conversation with then TNA Senior VP of Talent Relations
and Programming, Bruce Prichard, Sorensen brought up the idea of filing the
lawsuit. Three days later, Sorensen said he was on a phone call with Prichard,
TNA President Dixie Carter, and TNA CFO Dean Broadhead, and they reportedly
offered him a production job. So he ultimately did not end up filing the

Sorensen added that in hindsight, he should have filed the suit
because he was told by his friends in TNA and WWE that TNA not covering his
medical costs was “bullsh***.”

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