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NewsAEWDisco Inferno Says Jeff Jarrett Should Be Tony Khan's Right-Hand Man, Statlander/Zoolander

Disco Inferno Says Jeff Jarrett Should Be Tony Khan’s Right-Hand Man, Statlander/Zoolander



On a recent episode of the “Under the Ring” podcast, Kris Statlander discussed her Zoolander-inspired gear at AEW All Out 2023 and actor Ben Stiller’s reaction to her costume.

Stiller, who starred in the film, called her gear “ridiculously good looking,” a reference to the movie. Statlander said,

Statlander, as my last name, it almost seems too obvious with Statlander, Zoolander, it’s kind of in your face a little bit. I just love the movie and it almost feels like it’s weird that not a lot of people have done any Zoolander-inspired gear, I feel. It’s a timeless movie, an iconic movie, it’s so fun and amazing. It’s something I wanted to do for so long. I had Lori [Lori Gassie] make this gear when I was freshly out of surgery just because I had this concept in my head for so long, and I wanted to have it in my hands and ready to go for whenever the time was to wear it. I was worried that not everyone would understand what I was doing with the Zoolander stuff. A lot of people do superhero-inspired looks and I wanted to do something different than that. Ben Stiller responding is the highest praise anyone could ever ask for. It was so cool he actually saw it.”

On a recent edition of Konnan’s “Keepin’ It 100” podcast, WCW alumni Glenn Gilbertti (Disco Inferno) and former WWE broadcaster Hugo Savinovich discussed why Tony Khan should make Jeff Jarrett his right-hand man in AEW.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Glenn Gilbertti on why Jarrett should be Tony Khan’s next-in-command: “I would’ve made Jeff my right-hand man. Everybody always says, ‘Well Jeff’s out for himself as a talent,’ he likes to get himself over. But for a guy that knows what’s going on, he’s brilliant. I am shocked that he’s not using him in that capacity, Tony would learn so much more.”

Hugo Savinovich on who Tony Khan needs to listen to: “With Tony, he has something incredible right now,. This is when you know you need to go to the nitty gritty and listen to some people like you said, to Jeff or Arn [Anderson] or Jake [Roberts] or whatever. I think right now the problem is there’s too many people that think they know what the heck they’re doing and they’re not.” While Jarrett might not be Khan’s right-hand man, he is being used by the company to help grow AEW’s live event business, showcasing that Khan is aware of what the veteran has to offer.

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