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NewsDoes Sareee Believe Her Time In WWE Was A Failure?

Does Sareee Believe Her Time In WWE Was A Failure?



Sareee had a brief stint on the WWE NXT brand, but she eventually wound up parting ways with the company.

Speaking during a recent interview with Monthly Puroresu, the Japanese wrestler opined on her time in WWE, whether she considers it a failure, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On her WWE run: “I’m really happy I went. I gained a lot of knowledge, I suppose. I did learn a lot while I was in the United States. I wasn’t able to bring my entire wrestling repertoire to the WWE, but I have absolutely no regrets about going. It wasn’t at all a failure.”

On her experience in WWE: “Since it is a large organization, there are many diverse characters, and a lot of things change whenever the top management changes. I traveled to the U.S. and other countries since I was unable to give my fight my all. As a result, the number of new admirers who came to support me has significantly increased. I wanted to demonstrate my strength to the fullest extent possible.”

On the rise of interest in women’s wrestling in Japan: “Yes, interest in women’s wrestling is growing. I think that’s fantastic, and I also think it’s fantastic how women’s wrestling has developed during my absence. I’m appreciative of that, but if we can give it more grit and fight, I believe women’s wrestling can grow much more.”

On a potential run for the IWGP Women’s Championship: “Since Mr. Inoki invented the initial IWGP belt, I’m curious about it. After having returned to Japan, it’s one of the belts I want to pursue. Without a doubt, I want to roll it up. But to find out if that happens I’ll have to wait.”

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