Dolph Ziggler Says He’d Like To Work An Iron Man Match

0 has posted excerpts of an interview with Dolph Ziggler for WWE Magazine. Check out the highlights below:

On his showing off: “I have this chip on my shoulder where I just have to do it, so I can’t think of a reasonable time or place where I wouldn’t be “showing off.” I always have to be the center of attention. I have to be the star.”

On yelling “It’s about damn time” after he won money in the bank: “I can only speak up so much — whether it’s backstage or on Twitter and in interviews — and if I didn’t think I was this good, then I wouldn’t keep telling people to put me in these situations. I’ve been saying for years that I deserve to be there, and I value my word as something that truly means something. That’s why that came out. It’s about damn time that people woke up to what just about everyone in the world had already known.”

On being cheered as a heel: “I hate a crowd getting behind me. Even if it’s just to say, “This guy deserves to win a match.” I understand it, but I don’t want their help, and I don’t need their help. But I’ll say, ‘I get it, now shut the hell up and let me get back to doing my job.'”

On what stipulation match he would like to “re-invent”: “That’s tricky, because I love stipulation matches, but I also love an old-fashioned Iron Man Match. In this day and age, it would be great not only to prove that I could contest that kind of match, but also to prove that people would even want to see it. That’s a long time spent on two guys and one match. I want people to feel that they just watched a 60-minute movie and were on the edge of their seats the whole time. Again, that’s why I have that chip on my shoulder. It’s hard enough to stand out over two or three minutes, but to do it for an hour is a different story.”

On what he’s worst at: “I don’t listen … to a point where if I think something’s right, I’ll go ahead and do it anyway, and it’ll be the wrong thing to do. That’s what’s holding me back. I tell myself how great I am, but sometimes I’m wrong. Some people have been here a lot longer, and sometimes they’re going to be right, and damn it, I’m going to have to pay attention to that.”

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