Drake Wuertz Clarifies Reports Of Backstage Clash With NXT’s Ezra Judge


Speaking in an interview with the “1GimmickWorld” Fireside Chat, Drake Wuertz, the former WWE referee and backstage producer who was released from the WWE recently, made specific note to clarify a report made upon said release about an incident with Ezra Judge, another talent who lost his job in the same round of cuts.

Wuertz said to the host “My attorney sent me something about Ezra Judge, EJ – there was a report that he and I got into a big altercation and a fight”. He continued, “I’d say a year and a half ago, EJ was fairly new and one of my jobs as a referee is leading the ring crew”. He then took the host through the duties of how he had to teach each new class to setup the ring safely and in a timely manner.

Drake said he thought he saw Judge slacking and so he looked up and said “Hey man, c’mon, pick that rope up, let’s go!”. That turned out to be a mistake – Wuertz said he was in the wrong, they both went outside and talked and Drake apologized. There was no altercation – “He and I, two grown men, went outside, talked, all good, were great ever since – he is a believer, he loves Jesus Christ, I love Jesus Christ”.

Speaking in the same part of the interview, Drake also completely refuted that he ever called Judge “boy” in the altercation.

Wuertz returns to the ring under his former in-ring name of “Drake Younger” on June 28th in Florida. Tickets are available here:


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