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NewsEC3 On CYN Losing Direction, Going Off Track, & More

EC3 On CYN Losing Direction, Going Off Track, & More



Control Your Narrative has been on hiatus for almost a year, and EC3 recently opened up about where the project went off track.

The newly crowned NWA National Champion appeared on the “Wrestling Perspective” podcast to discuss CYN, which launched with a pay-per-view event in May 2021 and went on tour early last year but has been on hiatus since July 2022.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On outside factors working against the project: “Doing Control Your Narrative had a plethora of things working against it in lies, backstabbing, sabotage, and people not living up to any of their ends of the bargains to where the darkness was kind of in jest.”

On losing his own perspective on it: “I lost sight of what the intention was. I did not want it to become some promotion like the three-letter brands, I would call it.”

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