EC3 Posts a New Video Promoting The Revolt, They Respond With High Praise


EC3 continues to promote his new “Essential Character III” gimmick on Twitter. In recent weeks, he’s been referencing “creative totalitarianism” of a “charlatan cabal.” In his latest video, he put over The Revolt (The Revival in WWE). He said,

“Define work horses: dependable, steady, reliable? Define teamwork: putting an objective over the accomplishment of the individual? Define tag team: Two singularities, one vision? Boots, trunks, fists, no flips, the classics never die. Masters of a lost art applying complicated formulas executed to precision! In an industry where respect of your peers, studying your craft and painting in-ring masterpieces brings only ire and resentment, you rise above. FTW? No, no, no. FTR! Fear The Revolt! Their names are Dax and Cash, and you’ve been warned.”

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