EC3 Says He Would Like Dixie Carter To Appear On Free The Narrative


EC3 was recently interviewed by Fightful and revealed that he would love for Dixie Carter (his “kayfabe” Aunt) to appear on Free the Narrative. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

EC3 on Dixie Carter making an appearance: “I don’t know (if she’s seen it) Absolutely, (I would love her to be in The Narrative), 100%.”


EC3 on JC joking about wanting to “burn the witch” on Free the Narrative: “That’s my aunt you’re talking about, bro. Before sending out our completed body of work when we did the first one, I wanted a second one because it was our first time doing anything of this nature. Mistakes were made, the lighting sucks, we sucked at editing here, I knew we would grow into the second one. When I get feedback from the first by people I respect at high levels, I don’t want them to point out things we knew, I’d rather it be like, ‘Here’s one and two, take a look when you have time’ and see, ‘Okay, these guys improved and get this aspect, now I can break down what I think about these on a different level.’ I’ll send it over to Aunt D and by Narrative V, maybe she’s officiating my wedding to Maxine.”

Free The Narrative II is set for later today on FITE TV and

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