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Eddie Kingston Likes Being Able To Speak His Mind In AEW



One of the things that connects Eddie Kingston to his fans is his honesty. Eddie is known for being outspoken and he appreciates that Tony Khan lets him speak his mind. If you’ve been keeping up with wrestling news lately, you’ll know that his honesty can sometimes land him in hot water. Just ask Sammy Guevara.

Following a backstage dust-up with Sammy over some promo disagreements, Kingston was temporarily suspended from AEW television. Guevara and Kingston have since resolved their issues, and The Mad King’s suspension was recently lifted. This Sunday, he’ll be going head to head with Tomohiro Ishii on the AEW All Out pre-show, Zero Hour.

Speaking recently to Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Kingston talked about working for AEW President Tony Khan.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how Tony Khan books him: “It’s not my show; you know what I mean? And the bottom line is, it’s Tony’s show. It’s Tony’s money and whatever he wants, goes. I do enjoy working for him ’cause he does let me speak my mind, and I now realize maturely — there’s that word again, ‘maturing’ — that he doesn’t have to go with what I said. But the fact that he respects me enough to hear me out is enough. So if something gets changed to what I like, awesome. If he doesn’t, cool, not my show, but thank you for letting me speak my piece.”

On how Khan treats talent in AEW: “Look, if he does that for me, and I know I’m not the easiest person to get along with, I know he does that for the rest of the locker room. He’s very accessible.”

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