Edge Hands Out Turkeys, The Uso’s & AJ Lee Tweet


– Edge will be handing out 1,000 turkeys today in Asheville, North Carolina behind the Westgate Mall. The event is in conjunction with Ingles Markets.

– The Uso’s tweeted the following on Twitter yesterday…

“The baddest tag team ever!!! #BelieveThat if u don’t…..then we really don’t care what u think…#USOOO #UnkeptSecret”

“For all the haters that responded negatively to our last tweet, like we said….we don’t care…Usos Time is coming! #GetWithItOrGetLost”

– AJ Lee tweeted the following about what she learned on RAW:

“Things I learned from Raw: Never be afraid to be the only woman in the room…, …If a jerk calls you weak, show him how exactly how strong you are. And if a good guy makes the first move, always make the second.”

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