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NewsElton Prince Continues 'Miraculous Recovery', "Kayfabe" Now Recognized By Merriam-Webster

Elton Prince Continues ‘Miraculous Recovery’, “Kayfabe” Now Recognized By Merriam-Webster



Having suffered a shoulder injury on the July 14th episode of WWE SmackDown, Elton Prince has been out of action since. However, he and his partner, Kit Wilson (Pretty Deadly) have started to appear on SmackDown of late, first seen in a backstage segment on September 8th.

In recent weeks, we have seen vignettes showcasing Prince’s road to a “miraculous recovery,” and you can check out the latest of these below:


In other news, the wrestling term “kayfabe” has officially earned its place in the dictionary, courtesy of Merriam-Webster.

The esteemed lexicon recently unveiled a list of 690 newly incorporated words, including “cromulent,” “padawan,” “GOATED,” “zhuzh,” “cutscene,” “non-player character,” “speedrun,” “nerf,” “doomscroll,” “edgelord,” and “microtransaction.”

In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, kayfabe is defined as follows:

1: the tacit agreement between professional wrestlers and their fans to pretend that overtly staged wrestling events, stories, characters, etc., are genuine

broadly : tacit agreement to behave as if something is real, sincere, or genuine when it is not

2: the playacting involved in maintaining kayfabe

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