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Enzo Amore blasts Simon Gotch, Talks ‘Burying’ him During a Promo Class (Must-Watch)



During a recent interview with Title Match Wrestling, former WWE Superstar Enzo “nZo” Amore commented on his major issues with Simon Gotch and where the “heat” between the two of them began. You can check out some highlights and a video of the interview below:

On Simon Gotch: “Let’s get one thing out of the way here. No, it’s not an elephant in the room in my world. I won’t even say his name, until I get to the punchline. So, let me tell you about a particular guy and his partner Aiden English who…. By the way, I had my tryout with Aiden English and we got signed at the same time — so I love Aiden. We worked so many matches with those guys, and there’s a guy that you just mentioned who’s wrestled for ten years, twelve years and wants this thing so bad, and I’m sorry kid — It’s not gonna be that easy when you got Enzo and Cass around, bro. So, one day we do promo class. You get up there and cut a promo but at this point in the stature of NXT, we got a television brand that’s now starting to pick up steam. Michael Cole and Dusty Rhodes and other people who sit in the hierarchy of production and commentating and our producers, are sitting at a table every Wednesday before we do tapings on Thursday in NXT, and what you say at that taping could get you booked on TV tomorrow. For some people, could get you a debut, or could get you looked at, so those opportunities were huge for people.”

Simon Gotch, hears his name. Aiden English, pops up. Me and Cass have yet to do our promo. The bigwigs are hanging out that night. We got TV tapings the next day. I look at this guy, and he’s in his ring gear, and he’s standing in the back of the room and I go, ‘Oh hell no Cass. We gotta change our promo bro. We can’t let that happen.’ Cass goes, ‘Well what do you wanna say?’ I’m like, ‘Bury him.’ So I go up there, me and Big Cass start buzzing about Aiden English and Simon Gotch, and I say, ‘You guys wanna know something about Simon Gotch? [I’ll] tell ya something about Simon Gotch. Simon Gotch, has got a pair of t***ies like a 65-year old woman. How ya doin?’ At this point in the room, huge pop. They all turn around, Simon Gotch has his Andre The Giant singlet on, and his little b*tch t***ies hanging over top of it and he makes the mistake of picking it up and putting it over. Double pop. So, Simon Gotch’s t***ies like a 65-year old woman [and puts it back into his singlet]. Forget it, kid died in his mind right there and I got the biggest pop of the night in promo class.”

End it right there for me. Clearly, going down the line now, we see, that the reminiscence of those words have hung heavy in the t***y of Simon Gotch. He’s wearing it right here in his f*cking heart and I see the b*tch in his heart whenever he opens his mouth and mentions my name because that’s the only time anybody gives a f*ck about what he’s saying.”

On what he would do if he found out Gotch pushed him harder on purpose: “I gave him the luxury of saying his fricking name for the first-time ever in an interview, and now end it there because I have no ill-will towards a guy, unless he ever comes out, and says that he knocked me out on purpose because let’s just f*cking be clear, that guy hates me, and I don’t have hate. I don’t have a bone of hate in my body. I don’t have thuggish, ruggish, b*tch bone in my body either. So, if I ever found out that he pushed me harder on purpose and that’s what caused the injury — I ran that spot a hundred times with Aiden English and he’ll tell you about it, and I would just do a 619 out of the ring and it’d never land the same and it’d look terrible. So if I baseball slide out the bottom of the ropes, I catch my elbow underneath the rope, and then right when I start to rotate, I let go and then I just spill to the floor and you could hear a pin drop. It looks disgusting. I’ve done it a hundred times on live events with Aiden English. Never one time in my life [I] did it with Simon Gotch. The first time I ever did it with him, I ended up in a hospital, and if I ever found out that Simon Gotch did that sh*t on purpose — if he came out and said that, how ya doin…”

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