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NewsEric Bischoff Praises Dusty Rhodes - 'He Was A Visionary'

Eric Bischoff Praises Dusty Rhodes – ‘He Was A Visionary’



On the latest episode of his “83 Weeks” podcast, Eric Bischoff shared his thoughts on a wide range of topics.

During the podcast, Bischoff discussed the legendary Dusty Rhodes and praised him as a true visionary. He said,

“Even before we shot our first show, everything I read about [the idea] was negative,” Bischoff said. “It was so dark. Everybody predicted the end of the world, and ‘Bischoff doesn’t know what he’s doing’ and ‘he’s a TV producer, not a wrestling guy.’ That became the narrative and it filtered down to the wrestling roster … but once Bill Shaw came in and supported the idea, Dusty jumped on board. Dusty got very supportive, very quickly.”

He continued, “Dusty was a visionary. He didn’t see wrestling the same way everyone else that came before him … he didn’t see wrestling the way Ole Anderson saw it. Dusty was much more of a visionary, Ole was more in the vein of Bill Watts or Verne Gagne — ‘Let’s go back and do it the way we did in the ’70s.’ The problem is the television industry had changed so much.”

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