eWrestlingNews T-Shirt Give Away Raffle


Dear Readers and Fans. I ordered a bunch of eWrestlingNews shirts and I’m giving them away for free in promotion for the site.

This is what I ask of you to enter the raffle:

Post a creative status update to your facebook page and mention @ewrestlingnews in your status to link to our facebook page. All we ask is that you upload a photo afterwards and post it to our facebook page.

Link us to your profile page below in the comment section so I’ll know you’ve entered the contest.

We’re giving away 10-15 shirts this time around. We’ll have more later as well.

Here is our Facebook and Twitter page. Make sure you “Like” us and Follow us!!

The shirt is 100% cotton, American Apparel, very good quality. Here is a photo of the shirt:

Thanks for reading!

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