Extreme Rising Pissed Off At Stevie Richards (Bizarre!)


Source: Pwinsider

Extreme Rising is demanding that Steve Richards, their current champion, return their title belt immediately after Richards said he would defend the title via a video game. Richards has kept the belt since winning it and has taken it overseas and to independent shows.

This all stems from Richards posting a photo of the Extreme Rising belt and the latest Madden video game on Twitter and saying that he would defend the title via the game online due to losing his WrestleMania weekend bookings. Former ECW star Danny Doring responded by posting a photo of the old ECW World Tag Team Title (which he has had since ECW closed in 2001) on his Twitter account and said he’d put that title up against Richards. He joked that it would be “defunct promotion vs. defunct promotion.”

Extreme Rising apparently then emailed Richards demanding that he return their belt by the end of this week and that they were disappointed that Richards was involved with something that described Extreme Rising as a “defunct promotion.”

Richards responded by saying he was upset that Extreme Rising “doubted his ability as a Madden player” and said the promotion got upset over something 20 people saw on Twitter. He was surprised they took all this so seriously since it was mostly just him and Doring goofing off online. He also was disappointed that nobody from the promotion called him about it.

The sad part is … this is NOT an angle by any means and Extreme Rising is legitimately pissed off over this.

Richards and Doring do plan to play the game and want to stream it online.

What a bizarre story.

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