Finn Balor On Edge – ‘I Respect And Admire Him’


While Edge started the Judgment Day faction, Finn Balor eventually turned on his leader. Of course, this led to a bitter feud between the two men.

During a recent appearance on WWE’s “After The Bell” podcast, the former Prince Devitt commented on his respect and admiration for the Rated R Superstar, as well as their previous feud.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his respect for Edge: “I’ve been a huge admirer of Edge, not only as a performer but as a person for his whole career. We became close many, many years ago. When he retired, I was personally disappointed for the fact that I’d thought I’d missed out on that opportunity to possibly someday share a ring with him. I always admired how he transitioned out of pro wrestling so gracefully, and I thought ‘If someday I’m gonna retire from this business, I wanna do it the same way Edge has done it.’ A lot of people don’t transition out of the business as gracefully or with as much dignity as he returned the first time, and for that, I respect and admire him.”

On working a feud with Edge: ”On top of that, for him to have the opportunity to come back, that spark that had been extinguished was reignited on the thought, ‘Oh, maybe this match will happen, maybe there is a possibility that I’ll get to share the ring with him.’ Fast forward three years, and all of the sudden, I’m almost in an eight-month program with someone I’ve looked up to for many many years, in and outside of the ring. Despite the rivalry or the disagreements or the fourteen staples, there’s still a mutual respect, certainly from my end, I hope from Edge’s end. He started something in the Judgment Day that has certainly had a profound impact on my career, Damian’s career, Rhea’s career, and Dominik’s career. If not just for him starting the Judgment Day, there’s a lot to be grateful to Edge for.”

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