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NewsGabbi Tuft Feels Tyler Reks Doesn't Exist Anymore

Gabbi Tuft Feels Tyler Reks Doesn’t Exist Anymore



Former WWE Superstar Gabbi Tuft has said that she feels there is nothing left of her Tyler Reks character from her time with the promotion.

Tuft competed as Reks on WWE’s main roster from 2009 to 2012, with her biggest win coming in 2010 as part of the victorious Team SmackDown at Bragging Rights.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Talk is Jericho” podcast, Tuft recalled her time as Reks in WWE. She said,

“It’s weird. I don’t feel like that guy exists anymore.”

Tuft also recalled not being well-liked when she joined FCW as she had not worked on the independents prior to signing with the company. She said,

“I was the person everyone hated.”

Tuft added that she doesn’t blame WWE for her release but rather blames herself for not being able to grasp the Reks character at the time.

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