Gabe Sapolsky & WWE Dismissed From Sexual Assault Lawsuit Involving Candy Cartwright


According to a report provided by Pwinsider, we have an update on the lawsuit between Samantha Travel (aka, Candy Cartwright), who says she was sexually assaulted by WWE’s Matt Riddle. Riddle was named as a defendant alongside Gabe Sapolsky, WWE and EVOLVE. The United States District Court of the North District of Illinois Judge Manish S. Sha has now terminated WWE and Sapolsky as defendants in the lawsuit.

A 14-page document was made public today, sighting that Riddle and Sapolsky all filed separate motions to dismiss the lawsuit(s) against them. While Riddle’s attempt was denied, Sapolsky’s was dismissed on January 8th. Therefore, the court agreed with this motion.


The court ruled that Tavel has failed to provide any factual proof that WWE or Sapolsky had any jurisdiction. She also could not prove that either party was connected in any way with the claims that Riddle sexually assaulted her. The court ruling stated the following: “As an initial matter, it is important to point out that Mr. Sapolsky did not hire Ms. Tavel to perform at this event. She came to the event on her volition, insisted on attending the event, and paid her own expenses.”

While Tavel’s lawsuit against Riddle will continue, it is likely that Riddle will become the sole defendant since EVOLVE is now a WWE intellectual property.

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