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NewsGable Steveson Discusses His Plans For The 2024 Summer Olympic Games

Gable Steveson Discusses His Plans For The 2024 Summer Olympic Games



During a recent interview with AP News, Olympic gold medalist and WWE talent Gable Steveson discussed training for his WWE debut and his plans for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

Steveson signed a developmental contract with WWE in September 2021.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his competitive spirit: “The itch and fire will never go away. And I feel like if you ask any competitor, old or young, I think it’s always there. But some people just don’t have the bodies to do it because they’re a little older. But I think me just turning 23, I still had that extra fire and I want to see what I could do. I wanted to test my limits. And so I stayed ready just in case the time came where I could come back.”

On his hope to compete at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris: “I need to have that Paris experience in front of a packed house. I need to have them see what it’s like to see Gable Steveson in person. Having been in Tokyo and having no fans was — it was okay because I still won an Olympic gold. But I want to have that experience of having my family in the front row. They need to see it live.”

On his process of training for WWE: “I am still doing my thing. I have changed my diet, my body appearance. I wanted to be the best thing ever so when I did go on TV, it was going to be a sight that nobody has seen before. My time is coming and it’s coming sooner than a lot of people think.”

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