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GCW Wrestler Injured At ‘Dead On Arrival’, Against All Odds News, British Bulldogs



A new biography on the British Bulldogs is now out.

The book, which is titled “Dynamite and Davey: The Explosive Lives of the British Bulldogs,” is written by Steven Bell. The book features the following synopsis and can be ordered through

“Dynamite and Davey is the explosive story of cousins Tom Billington and Davey Boy Smith, who broke from their small town in the north of England to become global wrestling superstars. Together they became The British Bulldogs and tag team champions of the world. But their demons outmuscled them, and their tragedy outlasted their glorious triumphs.”

Impact Wrestling will be presenting its Against All Odds pay-per-view event tonight on Impact! Plus.

Earlier today, the company posted the complete 2005 and 2006 episodes of Against All Odds to their official YouTube channel. You can check out those videos below:

HoodFoot suffered an injury during last night’s GCW “Dead On Arrival” event.

During a Deathmatch with Slade, HoodFoot was cut open by a broken light tube.

GCW owner Brett Lauderdale and HoodFoot both took to Twitter to comment on the injury, with Lauderdale writing,

“Quick update

Hoodfoot had a nasty gash but he is OK. Wanted to go back to the ring to finish but thats not gonna happen tonite haha.

Hes headed to the hospital for a few stitches and will live to fight to another day!”

HoodFoot also wrote the following,

“Sometimes you get dumb ideas that work out…. Yea this wasn’t that.

I appreciate all the love and messages I’m gonna bounce back soon”

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