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NewsGrayson Waller Almost Worked With Alexander Volkanovski, Lio Rush On Impact X-Division...

Grayson Waller Almost Worked With Alexander Volkanovski, Lio Rush On Impact X-Division Title



In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Grayson Waller revealed that he almost worked with Alexander Volkanovski when the UFC Featherweight Champion was nearing a fight with Henry Cejudo. He said,

“I know a few years ago, I think him and (Henry) Cejudo were supposed to have a fight, and Cejudo was doing stuff with AEW. Volkanovski actually talked to the school, PWA, that I was from about maybe coming in for a show, doing some stuff so he could kind of build to the Cejudo fight, but it never came through. I was supposed to do some work with him. Now, we can just do that on a bigger stage.”

On the “MuscleManMalcolm” podcast, Lio Rush explained what the Impact X-Division Championship means to him.

According to Rush, the secondary title is more valuable to him than the Impact World Championship. He said,

“It feels appropriate. It feels great. It feels amazing. This belt is historic. When I look at this, I look at IMPACT as…this is IMPACT. This is the World Title, to me. This big red X. I’m holding it with pride. It feels appropriate. I feel like I’ve helped influence this generation of wrestlers just like the X Division title has helped influence my generation and so many other generations. I knew from that point on things were going to change and things were going to elevate. I knew that it was officially my time. I’m holding this title, and I’m going to do a lot of great things with it.”

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