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NewsGrayson Waller & Carmelo Hayes' WrestleMania 40 Plans, Matt Cardona Teases WWE...

Grayson Waller & Carmelo Hayes’ WrestleMania 40 Plans, Matt Cardona Teases WWE Return



In a recent interview with “The Daily Ticket,” Grayson Waller claimed that he and Carmelo Hayes aim to be on the WWE WrestleMania 40 card next year.

Waller is currently closer to achieving that goal than Hayes is, as he is on the main roster and Hayes is the reigning NXT Champion. Waller said,

“I don’t think there is any point in having goals if they are not lofty. If you say, ‘I want to go to the gym today,’ great. I’m a WWE superstar, I can’t have simple goals. If I have simple goals as a WWE superstar, I’m just another guy. Do you want to be a WWE superstar or do you want to be a great one? There is a huge gap between that. With WrestleMania, I’ve never performed (there). Last year, after (NXT) Stand & Deliver, myself and Carmelo Hayes got to sit and watch in the skybox and watch WrestleMania. We looked at each other and it wasn’t a situation of ‘wow, this is so cool.’ It was, ‘that’s where we are going to be next year.’ We told each other that. That’s my goal.”

In a recent video posted to his Twitter account, Matt Cardona drove past WWE Headquarters in Stamford following his recent loss to Nick Gage and Maki Itoh.

During the video, Cardona teased a potential WWE return, saying,

“I’m coming home, Vince. No more of this indie bullsh*t. No more being disrespected in GCW. Vince, I’m coming home. Chelsea, I’m coming. Wait for me!”

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