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NewsGrayson Waller Considers Himself Logan Paul's Mentor, Montez Ford Praises Bobby Lashley

Grayson Waller Considers Himself Logan Paul’s Mentor, Montez Ford Praises Bobby Lashley



Grayson Waller considers himself to be “kind of a mentor” to Logan Paul in WWE.

During a recent appearance on the Australian morning show “Sunrise,” Waller lavished praise on Logan Paul. He said,

“Logan is a great guy. People like LA aren’t happy he’s in the WWE. I think Logan has been great in WWE. He’s come in and he really likes what we do.”

He continued, “He’s a crazy man. He’ll do pretty much whatever it takes. It’s nice having a guy like Logan around. I get to help him out. I’m kind of his mentor in many ways.”

Montez Ford says his new alliance with Bobby Lashley is just getting started.

Speaking on a recent episode of the “Wednesday Worldwide” podcast, the Street Profits member commented on his biggest takeaway from working with Lashley so far, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his biggest takeaway from working with Lashley: “Honestly, he’s probably gonna kill me for saying this, but I’ve been watching Bobby ever such I was in middle school and high school. So for me to now be aligned with him, every day is still like, Jesus Christ, this is wild, man. Then I have to always, I’m always double-dutching in between reality and handling the task at hand, which is the stuff that we have to do. This stuff with AOP and Kross pretty much reforming, it’s kind of like shift our focus. We’ve made this transition from being the Street Profits that’s always love, having a good time, and for a very long time, having that mentality kind of just had us stagnant. It’s like, granted, the fans were happy, which we were happy about, but we felt like we didn’t have anything for them to cheer for. It’s very hard to get behind a team or a franchise when [they] constantly let you down. But you have those loyal fans like the Cleveland Browns and a whole lot of other sports franchises, [laughs] the Bears.

“But for a while, that mentality, we just felt like it wasn’t necessarily getting us to that next level. So by us being tested right now with these individuals, these monsters, these guys that have something to prove, we’re kind of like meet each other in the same art. So I think it’s very interesting, but getting all this motivation from Bobby has even [made me] think on more higher levels, and he’s taught me so much, just in his process.”

On still being early in their run together: “The good thing is, we always say like, we’re literally just getting started, literally haven’t even started running with this thing yet. I think that’s the exciting part. But it’s good that we have a starting point now with these individuals. It’s good, they came back. They’ve been gone for almost four years, and they took their time on the other side to see how the grass was. But it’s business time now. Coming back to the WWE and you have to talk to us or you have to meet with us, just know, in this new mentality and frame of mind that we in, unfortunately, you’re just in the way at this point.”

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