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NewsGrayson Waller Isn't Done With Johnny Gargano, GUNTHER On WrestleMania In London

Grayson Waller Isn’t Done With Johnny Gargano, GUNTHER On WrestleMania In London



Speaking with “WWE Die Woche,” Grayson Waller stated that he has unfinished business with Johnny Gargano, especially after his loss to the former NXT Champion in the Unsanctioned Match at NXT Stand & Deliver 2023.

Waller is currently on RAW while Gargano belongs to SmackDown. Waller said,

“That hurt, man. That sucked. When you go into an Unsanctioned Match, those matches are not fun. I didn’t sleep that night, I didn’t sleep on the plane home. As [many] horrible things as I said about Johnny Gargano, that guy is legit. That guy is the man in a lot of ways. He made me pay for a lot of the things I said, and I can’t wait to make him regret those decisions day. I really hope that’s a match that happens on the main roster one day. I think me and Gargano have unfinished business. I think we need to do it in front of a bigger audience.”

Reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER recently discussed the likelihood of WrestleMania taking place in London.

GUNTHER spoke with The Daily Mail, and you can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his experience at Money in the Bank: “It was fantastic. I’ve had many great experiences and matches throughout my career in England, and London specifically, and it was the first time we got to do a PLE at the O2 – which is a great building. I always love the fan interaction during the matches in England because it’s just different. It’s more based on the football chants, and I really enjoyed it, it was a great experience.”

On the possibility of WWE shows in the rest of Europe: “Definitely. As of right now I think the chance is there, too. I have to judge from my gut feeling but the chances are high. The traction from Austria and Germany is big, the shows are in a great TV spots, with so many people watching again. It feels like in Europe that wrestling is like it was in the 90s, when everybody was watching. So, maybe we can capitalise on that and bring a PLE to Europe that’s outside of England as well. France and Germany would be two realistic candidates for that.”

On WrestleMania potentially taking place in London: “I could totally see that. I think Clash at the Castle proved that selling out those huge stadiums is not a huge deal for WWE at the moment. The people want to experience it, so if they get the logistics done and everything else that comes with that because it could be a little bit tricky to run Europe, I really hope its something they go for.”

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