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NewsGUNTHER On Potentially Breaking Honky Tonk Man's Record, Angelo Dawkins/Montez Ford

GUNTHER On Potentially Breaking Honky Tonk Man’s Record, Angelo Dawkins/Montez Ford



GUNTHER is only 80 days away from breaking The Honky Tonk Man’s long-standing record for the longest WWE Intercontinental Championship reign, and he recently addressed the possibility of doing so.

GUNTHER has held the WWE Intercontinental Title for 371 days, while Honky Tonk Man’s record stands at 454 days.

Speaking with Rick Ucchino on Cincy 3:60, GUNTHER noted what breaking the record would actually mean to him. He said,

“It would be, obviously, a great accomplishment and maybe the biggest accomplishment of my career, to that date. But also, there’s still some time to go, and I try to focus on what’s right in front of me and make the best out of that situation. I don’t try to get caught up in the future with what ifs and what could happen, even though it’s not that far away.”

“I think once it’s all said and done, I’ll be able to lean back and enjoy it a little bit. It would be very rewarding and a big accomplishment.”

In other news, Angelo Dawkins is happy to see his partner Montez Ford get his accolades, but The Street Profits member also feels disrespected by the talk surrounding himself.

Ford has been seen as a major singles star of late, while the same can’t be said for Dawkins.

During a recent appearance on “The Masked Man Show,” Dawkins addressed the situation.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On feeling disrespected: “I got my brother’s back through and through. Low key, it’s not what they said about him, it’s what they said about me. Some of the things people say about me, I’m like, ‘Wait, I was just chilling in the background.’ I have no problem stepping off to the side and letting my boy shine. The talk about me was starting to get a little disrespectful and I was like, ‘Oh, these dudes really think….’ Montez even said it to me before, ‘This is fraudy.’ ‘We’re about to go show out then. They have a different Dawkins on their hands.’ Now, everybody is seeing that I’m doing things that I shouldn’t be able to do with my size. They would have been better off shutting up about me, and maybe we wouldn’t be getting this Dawkins.

On his new attitude: “Now, I’m a different guy. I’m a little more woken up. Montez is like, ‘Bro, I know you have my back, but sometimes you have to show these boys to stop talking disrespectful on your name.’ Tez and B [Bianca Belair] have done a great job of staying on me because I’m laid back and shy away from the spotlight because I never really felt like that was my strong suit. I like tag teams. I never consider myself in that realm, but the talk about me was starting to piss me off to the point where I was like, ‘Alright, bet. I didn’t even do anything, I was just supporting my brother, now everyone wants to call me this freaking scrub like I have no business being here.’

“Hold up. Now, we have to start putting respect on my name a little bit. They get on me about it, they call me too passive. Now, I’m about to come for what’s mine. That’s more of the respect side. If there is a singles opportunity where there is a championship on the line and I have to go out there and show off, I’m going to show off. Now, everyone knows I’m basically a hybrid. I can fly with the best and run through the biggest.”

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