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NewsGunther Says Early Elimination At Survivor Series Helped His Popularity

Gunther Says Early Elimination At Survivor Series Helped His Popularity



It happens from time to time in wrestling that a wrestler gets over with the crowd in defeat. Gunther believes that this was the case following his appearance for the NXT men’s team at Survivor Series 2019.

Speaking with Steve Fall of Ten Count, the current Intercontinental Champion discussed losing early in that men’s elimination match. At the time, he was still under the WALTER ring name, and was the reigning NXT UK Champion. He was eliminated early in that match by Drew McIntyre. But he believes this might have helped him.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

His early elimination: “Yeah, that’s just how things go sometimes. There’s not much you can say, there was a decision that was made and you go along with it, try to make the best out of it. But I don’t know, I don’t think it was negative. Just hearing the crowd reactions, and also the reactions I got when I came in, when I started doing my bit in that match, and then getting eliminated early, I think that did something to me.”

Whether that moment helped his popularity: “I think whenever, when you have a fan base or something like that and especially in wrestling, something happens to you that they think is not right for you, they’re gonna be very vocal about it and going to be very loud about it. So I think it added to my popularity in that sense I would say, because a lot of people spoke about it. So I think no harm was done and everybody needs to be able to take a humbling experience here and there. So I’m totally fine with it.”

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