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Impact Wrestling Live Results – 1/26/17


Commercial Break

Back from commercial and Lashley still has Edwards down. Eddie hits three jawbreakers but Lashley comes back and hits a big german suplex where Eddie flipped and landed on his front. Lashley goes for the Spear but Edwards moves and Lashley hits the exposed corner. Edwards rolls him up for a 3 count. Lashley now lead 2-1.


It starts back up and Edwards is battling back. He hits a running ensiguri. He charges again but Lashley grabs him and hits a powerslam. Edwards rolls to the outside. Lashley goes out after him. He drags him up the ramp again. He goes for the german on the outside but Eddie lands on his feet and hits Boston Knee Party. Edwards crawls to the ring. Lashley gets in just before the 10 count.

Lashley grabs him and drops him throat first onto the ropes. Lashley gets him up for the vertical suplex but Edwards fights out of it and hits the Boston Knee Party. He covers him for a 3 count. The match is tied 2-2. Five minutes left. Lashley charges but Edwards moves and Lashley goes to the outside. Edwards hits a suicide dive onto the Lashley. He gets Lashley back in the ring. He goes to the top rope but Lashley knocks him down. Lashley climbs up but Edwards fights him off. Lashley drives him into the corner. He backs up and hits a Spear. He covers him for a close 2 count. He gets Edwards up but he counters and he hits Boston Knee Party. He covers him for a very close 2. Edwards to the ropes. He goes for a hurricanrana but Lashley catches him with a powerbomb. Lashley puts on his front choke out and Edwards taps out. Lashley leads 3-2 with two and a half minutes left.

Lashley points to the clock and gets out of the ring to waste time. Pope tells him off saying “Get in the ring and win the right way.” Edwards hits a suicide dive. He gets Lashley into the ring and goes for a Boston Knee Party but Lashley counters into a powerbomb. Lashley is back up. Edwards is up and Lashley goes for the Spear but Edwards gets him into a guillotine choke. Lashley is fading with a very few seconds left. The ref lifts his hand up and it drops once. It drops twice. Time runs out before the ref tries for a third.

Winner and New World Champion: Bobby Lashley

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