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NewsImpact Wrestling Results - 6/22/17

Impact Wrestling Results – 6/22/17



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Show opens with Sienna telling Laurel to focus.

X Division Six Way Elimination Match: Suicide vs Matt Sydal vs Braxton Sutter vs Eddie Edwards vs Davey Richards vs Trevor Lee

Fast and furious action to kick things off. Richards and Edwards battle out to the floor right away. The other wrestlers are tossing each other out of the ring. Richards is back in and Braxton catches him as he does a flip springboard against the ropes. He hits a back suplex. Richards rolls out of the ring but Edwards hits a suicide dive. Braxton tosses Suicide into the ropes but he stops and does his patented lay in the ropes move. He dodges and Sutter goes to the outside. Lee kicks Braxton from the apron. Suicide gets on the ropes and does the fall away splash.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and Suicide hits a flying splash for two. Lee is in the ring and kicks Suicide down and hits Sutter with an elbow and scores the pinfall. Braxton is eliminated. Lee and Richards double team Suicide. They hit a double suplex. Edwards is back in the ring and takes out Richards. He takes down Lee but Richards tosses him into the ring post. Suicide flies into the ring taking both Lee and Richards down. He does a fancy move into an ensiguri. Richards takes him down and takes a long time on the ropes. He misses a stomp and Suicide ducks a clothesline but walks right into Trevor Lee who takes him down with a running double stomp for the three count. Suicide is eliminated.

Matt Sydal is back in the ring. He battles with Lee but Richards takes him down with an exploder suplex. Eddie Edwards takes Richards down and he goes for a suicide dive but Richards throws a chair into his face. The ref DQ’s Davey Richards. He takes out a chair and beats Edwards down. He goes up the ramp and charges with a chair but Edwards fights out with a chair shot of his own. He delivers a cradle brainbuster into a chair on the outside. The ref DQ’s Eddie Edwards?

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and Lee and Sydal are battling in the ring. Sydal hits a standing back flip splash for a two count. Lee on the second rope but Sydal with a standing hurricanrana brings him down for another two count. Sydal goes to the top but Lee moves and takes him down with a jumping forearm. Sydal counters out of a fisherman’s suplex. He ducks a boot from Lee and hits turnaround ensiguri. He goes to the top and hits the Shooting Star for the three count.

Winner: Matt Sydal

Commercial Break

Video of JB and Joseph Park. Park is worried. JB motivates him by saying we didn’t give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. Yes, he really said that. They closed with the Hogan and Macho Man Superpowers handshake.

Sienna and Laurel Van Ness def Allie and Rosemary. Rosemary didn’t come out at first and she crawled out from under the ring. The fight started outside. Laurel and Sienna controlled the action in the ring with Rosemary. Allie made the tag. She hit a code breaker on Laurel. KM came out with a kendo stick. Sutter came out and they battled on the ramp. Allie was distracted and Sienna and Laurel double teamed Rosemary. Laurel hit the curb stomp for the three count.

Commercial Break

Sonjay Dutt Celebration starts in the streets. The crowd follows him into the arena. JB and Shera are in the ring and they introduce the new X Division Champ. The crowd goes nuts as Dutt is escorted by a band playing some catchy Indian music. Dutt cuts a promo about how he plans to be the greatest X Division champ ever. Low Ki comes out. He congratulates him. They do a little back and forth and Low Ki is granted a rematch at Slammiversary. Two out of Three Falls. They shake hands but Low Ki attacks him. He attacks Shera and hits the Warrior’s Way. He goes for it on Sonjay but Matt Sydal comes out for the save.

Commercial Break

Shera def KM with the Sky High in a lackluster match. After the match, Kongo Kong came out and destroyed Shera. KM hit the inverted powerslam and Kong hit a top rope splash from three quarters of the way across the ring. OUCH.

A video is shown of JB and Joseph Park working out. It ended with them in a pool and then high fiving.

Commercial Break (Thank God)

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis come to the ring. They cut a promo on Moose. They try guessing who Moose’s partner is for Slammiversary. Moose comes out. He announces that his tag team partner is NFL Superstar, DeAngelo Williams. A video shows DeAngelo Williams training with Moose. Eli Drake and Adonis attack Moose and leave him laying.

Commercial Break

Lashley and EC3 vs James Storm and Alberto El Patron

Storm and Lashley start things off. Storm takes it to Lashley and he teases the tag to Alberto. Lashley pulls away and tags in EC3 and Alberto tags in. He takes it to EC3 and tosses him to the outside. Lashley comes in and charges but Alberto ducks and he goes over the ropes. Storm is in and Alberto assists him into an over the ropes dive onto both Lashley and EC3 on the outside.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and Lashley and EC3 take Alberto down with a double clothesline. Lashley controls things and this is the first time this match that Slammiversary opponents are in the ring together. Lashley charges in the corner but Alberto moves and he crashes into the post. EC3 makes the tag and takes Alberto down with a back suplex. He puts Alberto on the ropes but Alberto puts the cross arm breaker over the ropes. The ref breaks the hold. A double clothesline and they’re both down. They make the tag and Storm takes it to Lashley. He goes off the ropes and hits the calf rangler. EC3 gets in the ring but Storm takes him down. He grabs a strap but Lashley hits him from behind.

EC3 attacks Storm outside the ring. Lashley brings him into the ring and delivers a long standing vertical suplex for a two count. EC3 is back in and he wears Storm down. Storm fights out and makes the tag but Lashley distracted the ref who kicks Alberto out of the ring. EC3 continues to control things with Storm. Lashley back in and he delivers a powerslam to Storm for a two count. EC3 tags himself in and Lashley is not happy. EC3 goes for the splash in the corner but Storm ducks and makes the tag to Alberto. El Patron takes it to EC3. Lashley is in and Patron escapes a powerslam and hits a back stabber for 2. EC3 back in and Alberto sends him into the corner and hits the running ensiguri for a two count. EC3 finally hits a jawbreaker and Lashley is back. Storm comes in and the brawling starts. Storm puts EC3 on the top rope and hits an ensiguri. EC3 falls to the outside. Storm goes out after him and EC3 sends him into steps. In the ring, Patron locks in the cross armbreaker. EC3 comes in and makes the save. He grabs the belt and the ref tries to stop him. He whips the ref a few times. Another ref comes down and calls for the bell and the DQ.

Winners: James Storm and Alberto El Patron

After the match, the brawling continues. Storm has a belt and he chases EC3 to the back. Lashley and Patron fight briefly before Lashley retreats and Alberto poses with both belts.

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