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Indie Promoter On Recently Booking Velveteen Dream – ‘He Was Such A Nice Guy!’



Dynasty Wrestling promoter Chris Envy took a ton of heat for booking Patrick “Velveteen Dream” Clark at one of his events in Albany, New York last month.

In a recent interview with Bucklebomb Entertainment, Envy defended his decision to book the former WWE NXT Superstar who has been accused of inappropriate contact with a minor as well as grooming back during the ‘Speaking Out’ movement.

On this same show in Albany, NY, former WWE referee Rita Chatterton, who sued Vince McMahon alleging he sexually assaulted her, was featured in a role.

According to Envy, Patrick Clark is “one of the nicest people” and they exchange texts and posts often.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On booking Patrick Clark: “Very rarely do I get starstruck. Shawn Michaels, I was starstruck when I met him backstage, and Velveteen Dream. Huge star. The charisma, the presence. Talking to Patrick Clark, he is not that person at all. He is so quiet, soft spoken, and humble. He is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. We spent a couple hours together that day. He was so nice, one of the nicest people. We’re not friends, we exchange texts and posts, but I see him as a friend. He was so nice. He was one of the last people to leave. He was breaking down chairs. He said hello to everybody, he took pictures, class act all around.”

On Rita Chatterton being on the show: “We got a lot of flack because we also had Rita Chatterton on the same show. She was in the news for other things as well. She was super supportive of Velveteen. Super supportive. She was like, ‘He’s such a nice guy.’ They were shoulder to shoulder, there was nothing uncomfortable about the situation. She told me to give him her number and have him reach out to her because he needs people who are going to support him. All these people that are coming at me, ‘you’re not family entertainment.’ It’s easy to say that, but if I had Vince McMahon on my next show, all those clowns would still be buying tickets.”

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