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NewsJames Storm: I Don't Know What Roode's Character Is

James Storm: I Don’t Know What Roode’s Character Is



James Storm appeared on Busted Open, which airs every Monday and Wednesday on Sirius 92 and XM 207 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

Storm on his short TNA Title reign: “Like you said, it was a little bitter sweet, but it kind of makes me want it more now to go after it. I wasn’t really after the world title to say. It was kind of Bobby Roode’s spotlight moment with him and Kurt Angle and all this. I wasn’t told that I was actually getting a heavyweight title until like 2 hours before the show started. So, and to become the new world champion, it was a great moment, and one that I’ll never forget.”

Storm on Kurt Angle: “To me, without a doubt, Kurt Angle is the greatest wrestler to ever set foot in a ring, in a wrestling ring. I mean, there’s no one in professional wrestling that can out-wrestle Kurt, and always when I’m trying to put a story together, that’s one of the things that I put in there; that I cannot out-wrestle Kurt. I’m not gonna’ try it. I won’t go in there and try to take my fist and stick it to the back of his head as hard as I can. So, if it’s done right, I think me and Kurt can definitely be one of the feuds of the year.”

Storm on tweeting: “To me, it’s one of those things that I really wasn’t thinking I guess because I was so overwhelmed of me winning the world title that I don’t think…I don’t want to say that didn’t care that I got in trouble. But at the time,, that was my moment, and already you had all kinds of spoilers out saying that I won the world title, and all this. So, they already knew that I won the world title basically. So, I’m going to just say, “Hey, tune in this Thursday to see me win the world title, and enjoy this moment with me.” Instead of saying, “Hey, tune in to see if I win the world title.” It was the biggest ratings, and that’s kind of what I was trying to get at is, yeah I Tweeted, I won the world title, but I didn’t Tweet out how I won it, what happened during, after the match or anything like that. It was Tweeted, “Hey, tune in because I won the world title.” Even though I kind of ruined the surprise for some people, but like you said, I think people wanted to tune in to see it happen.”

Storm on Bobby Roode’s character: “My character…I have character. I have a character that a lot of people can relate to. A guy who drinks beer, and goes out hunting, and fishing, and just hangs out at the bar, and has a good time. Like you said, Walmart, Nascar, it’s all that character fit into one, which looking at Bobby Roode, who is Bobby Roode? What exactly is Bobby Roode besides being jacked? I mean, I don’t know what definition of a character you’d give him? Growing up, wrestling had characters, and I think that’s what wrestling today is missing. They don’t really have the flashy characters they did back then. You had the Jake Roberts, and you had The Macho Man. Even Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior. All of those guys were different characters. It seems like today all the wrestlers are almost the same. They’re like the same build, and they wrestle the same, and all this. So, it’s kind of hard to find a unique character.”

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