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NewsJD McDonagh Wants WWE NXT Europe To Become A Reality, Brooks Jensen...

JD McDonagh Wants WWE NXT Europe To Become A Reality, Brooks Jensen Talks Viral Moment



JD McDonagh would like to see more European talent come to WWE after the debut of NXT Europe at some point in the future.

Speaking during a recent interview with Irish Wrestling And Entertainment, The Judgment Day member opined on WWE signing more European talent. He said,

“Huge for the European talent. I’m determined to have WWE look back that way, NXT UK was such a huge turning point in my development, so if we can get something like that up and running again with NXT Europe and open up that path between the training schools in Europe and WWE that would be amazing.”

In other WWE NXT-related news, Brooks Jensen’s entrance during a dark match with Oba Femi on October 30th went viral for its use of Journey’s hit song “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart).”

Jensen recently appeared on the “Scoop Slammed” podcast to reveal that he doesn’t know how the footage leaked or how the whole thing happened. He said,

“I honestly don’t know how it got leaked out. Behind the scenes, I don’t know how it came to be. It was just a real honor to do it. Everyone at the PC knows that I love 80s territory wrestling, that’s my bread and butter. To be able to come out to that song and present that side of me was a real honor.”

He added, “I’m glad of the reactions it got. It really humbled me and made me feel good about myself. To see the crowd action as well, when I watched it back, it was a real honor. Who knows what we’ll see in the future.”

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