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Jeff Jarrett Talks WWE Releases & If He Would Sign Anyone


During a recent interview with “It’s My Wrestling Podcast” WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett spoke on the recent talent releases from WWE and ROH, what these releases mean for the industry and who he sees benefiting the most.

Jarrett Talks About WWE’s Talent Releases:

They’re like a nice buffet for Jeff to pick here and pick there but I’ll just say this – for WWE to have that many talent to release is quite remarkable, as much as the releases are, but it’s the industry and the world we live in. With the pandemic and the ebbs and flows of our industry, but I’m not going to let you know who I would pick. I’m going to keep that between my ears.


But I will say this – I do not believe when you look at say pre pandemic, 2018/2019 leading up to the pandemic and then now, the amount of uncropped, uncontracted or independent contractors that that out there that are available and aren’t tied down contractually – I don’t believe it’s been a better opportunity for the open market. You know, like in the real estate business there can be buyer’s and seller’s market. I just say there’s a lot of opportunity out there for all involved.

On How Talent Releases Helps Independent Promotions:

The independent promotions are going to benefit from this and I think they have the opportunity that they’ve never ever had. When you go back to when we started TNA in 2002, coming off the demise and the close of WCW there wasn’t a lot of talent quote, unquote, on the market but as time has gone along, and like I said, Ring Of Honor and all the different promotions and the connectivity with social media and digital age, the opportunity for independent promotions today has never been this great.

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