Jim Ross Q&A – Kurt Angle/WWE Return, TNA Future?, More


The following are highlights from some new Jim Ross website Q&A:

On working with Boyd Pierce and Mid-South attempting to go national: “Boyd was a funny guy who loved to make people laugh. A natural born showman. Mid South attempting to go national was our best hope of surviving in our economically depressed base area.”

On Kurt Angle ever returning to WWE: “Truly, never say never. Kurt in the WWE HOF makes sense….wrestling? Not so sold on that except perhaps a retirement match at WrestleMania.”

On working with TNA in the future: “No disrespect taken…Just not interested in working w/ any wrestling company at this time.”

On JR being rude to fans asking about his contract status: “I’d suggest I interact w/ fans as well as anyone in the business or at least I try. I certainly don’t feel that I’m better than any wrestling fan or anyone else. At the same time, my exact contractual status w/ any organization isn’t something I care to discuss. Bottom line, I’m no longer employed at WWE and look forward to the future engaging other entities. Will my existing work in WWE, WCW and Mud Soth continue to exist on WWE projects? I’d say most likely to that.”

Check out more JR Q&A on his official website at JRSBARBQ.com.

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