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John Cena Calls Paul Wight “Responsible” For Helping Him Become A Top Star



John Cena may not have become the global megastar he is today if not for the involvement of the ‘Big Show’ Paul Wight.

It was at WrestleMania 20 that Cena defeated Wight to win the WWE United States Championship, the first of many times that John would hold championship gold.

Answering questions at a “92NY” event, Cena was asked about working with Wight and said the giant was responsible for his early success in WWE. He said,

“Just the moments that he would open up as a human being. He is a kind and gentle giant, a giving giant. He was very much responsible [of my success,] because he was one of the few supporters of me when no one else would bet on me. We’ve had great conversations over the years, and those are some of my favorite moments — when you get to talk to Paul.”

During the June 27, 2022 episode of RAW, which celebrated 20 years of Cena’s career, Wight appeared via a video promo and the AEW star praised Big Match John.

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